Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Soon Geneva, and Switzerland will be invaded, so much for neutrality! Switzerland and Austria are co-hosts of the EuroFoot Tournament. Geneva will host 3 of the games. As part of the celebrations, there has been a football hot air balloon flying above the "world famous" jet d'eau (which is another blog altogether since no one I know of has ever heard of the "world famous" jet d'eau before actually coming to Geneva). Alas, this balloon cannot fly in winds exceeding 30km/hour. Did I mention that the jet d'eau is on the lake? Out of 27 days since the balloon was installed, it could not fly for 16 days à cause de the high lake winds. Indeed last Friday, the winds were at 50km/hour. Now the 360 000CHF (344 451CAD) balloon has a tear in it! The newspaper headlines question who is going to pay for the repair.

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