Friday, July 18, 2008

I strongly disagree....maybe

I don't know if this is me, or being Canadian, or a more universal problem for women or even all of mankind...but I waffle. I can't make a decision. If I do make a decision then I am instantly second guessing it. What's worse is I waffle online where I am virtually (ha ha) anonymous. I read blogs (more often than I should to be honest) and start to compose my comment. But then I read the other comments with three common outcomes.

First, someone else has already made my point. I could say, "I agree with PP (previous poster)". At first that seemed silly. Now I've learned what validation freaks bloggers are and will sometimes oblige them with a comment that adds nothing to the discourse. It does let the blogger know I read their post, and the PP know that I agree with their comment. After having made a few posts now, and a few comments, I understand that this kind of comment is not as useless as I thought.

The second is that the bulk of the comments are vehemently opposed to my opinion. I had an opinion to voice, but in the face of all that opposition I start to waffle. While I don't mind a good argument, à la "Does Brittney Spears have a responsibility to be a good role model?", I don't want to be the one voice trying to convince dozens of gun-happy posters that maybe guns really do kill people.

The third option is the most prevalent. I have an argument to make, I write it out in the comment box. Then I read it over. It seems a little harsh. How about I edit it a bit. Hmmm, someone might take offense to this phrase, better rephrase that. Now my comment looks a little wishy-washy. Is there any point to posting it? Actually, maybe I'm wrong. What if other people find fault with my logic. What if someone thinks that I am as stupid as I thought Poster #12 was. Maybe I don't feel so strongly about this after all. Cancel post.


Mama P said...

Thank you for taking the time to give your input on my Good Housekeeping piece. Yeah, totally see what you're saying. It's a weird thing, because I'm not an academic. And a lot of my stuff is just thought process induced. Which is what blogging is, right? But then, since I'm being paid to write, I should have a better constructed argument. It was disjointed, proof of many late nights with kids and bla bla bla. You were very helpful and I appreciate it so much. I will read more of your stuff when I'm not rushing to a conference. Thank you and have a great day/night? What time is it where you are? Rambling...

Kim Moldofsky said...

Sometimesa reader will leave a comment just as a way of stopping by and saying "hi."

I have several blog friends and want them to know I am reading their stuff. So every few posts, I'll comment on something even if I'm not making a huge point.

Some bloggers also leave comments mainly to attract attention from the person posting.

Thanks for the comment on Momformation! No need to write the quote down, pick up a copy of Dangerous Book for Boys. Your boys will dig it in a few years, if not now.