Monday, June 2, 2008

The pox or not the pox, that is the question

There have been 7 cases of the chicken pox so far at the jardin d'enfants that the boys go to. On Thursday afternoon both boys developed a fever. For 3 days I alternated between dosing them with ibuprofen and checking for spots. Then the rash erupted, but not the chicken pox rash, a different rash. It is similar to the rash M had a little over a year ago, the doctor said "Roseole" or something like that. Thing is that you are not supposed to get this rash twice. Prelude to the chicken pox? Roseole again? Some new rash? I wouldn't be concerned about it, but we are supposed to fly to England on Friday for a wedding. Of course we didn't buy travel insurance, that would have almost doubled the price of the tickets. If they develop the pox between now and Friday, there is no way they can fly. If they develop the pox while in England....well we will have to calculate whether to come back by boat or sit tight in England for a week. So right now I am crossing my fingers and obsessing over what to do, even though there is absolutely nothing to do but wait. Argh!

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