Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The pox or not the pox, that is STILL the question

Okay dear reader(s?), we are safely back in the land of chocolate, cheese, and militarily backed neutrality. I will fill you in on the wedding, Rye, Canterbury, and all stops in between shortly. First off though is M's health. So, wouldn't you know, but we noticed some spots on M's beautiful little face while sitting at the departure gate. Chicken pox? Looked like it. Crap. We decided to be irresponsible and continue on to our flight. We had already passed several security checkpoints without anyone, including ourselves, noticing anything amiss. We got to Rye eventually and checked the boy over for spots. We found 9. There was no itching though. We went to a chemist (pharmacist) first thing the next day. She suggested a nice anti-itch cream but remained skeptical about these rather atypical spots. They were not filling with watery innards like they were supposed to. They never did. The itching also never popped up. The pattern and look of the spots are very pox-ish...but not very pox-ish at the same time. We decided to try to fly home again to Geneva. IF we were asked not to board the plane C and L would continue on and M and I would make our way back from Britain by other means (boat and/or train). No one ever said anything. We took him to the doctor today and SHE isn't sure if it is the pox or not. I've decided that if in 1 to 2 weeks L comes down with the pox, or something pox-like then M had it. If L is fine, then it was yet another weird and wacky rash that little boys cultivate. I don't need to bother with research. These boys keep me busy with mysteries all their own. Oh wait....I don't get paid to puzzle over them. More's the pity.

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