Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well we have survived our first North American hallowe'en. Lucas wanted to be a vampire and was very
impressed with his glow in the dark fangs. Michael was a wizard compete with pointed hat and a magic wand. David was a monster with a green face since he often "Hulks out" these days. I reused a bug covered shirt from when Lucas and Michael were monsters a few years ago. For dinner I made mummy hotdogs, I hope to make it a tradition. I thought they were pretty cool. Chris didn't seem suitably impressed. All three boys were the picture of excitement as they ran from door to door and loudly recited the "Trick or Treat" mantra. David refused to hold my hand, wanting to go up and down the stairs and run house to house all by himself. By the time we decided to head for home his little hands were red with cold and his nose was running and his mouth was drooling.

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N. said...

I have to say the sausages are the scariest. Like a plate of sutured fingers. Well done!