Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Apologies to my regular 2 readers, I am interrupting my normal broadcasting for this special announcement:

OK The boys are generally happy with anything they get. They would be satisfied with some cheap crap from the Dollar store. Somehow I didn't think this was a satisfactory answer to the question "What would the boys want?" So, rather than just write a list for each member of the family, I will post a list here. The potential benefit could be if you comment on the blog if you are getting something specific (a particular book, or a specific gift item) there won't be any of those embarrassing buying the same thing moments. And if I think of something else I can just update here. I promise the boys do not read my blog :) I will remove this post after Christmas.

Lucas (8) and Michael (6 1/2):
construction kits
role playing stuff (swords, nerf blasters, costumes)
zombies, monsters, lord of the rings related toys
board games (connect 4 was a favorite that was left behind in Geneva, they already have Monopoly and Jenga)
coloring books

David (2 1/2):
little figurines (knights, dragons, animals)
train related things
push and pull toys
car ramp
sit n spin
pretend stuff (doctor kit, tools, food)
play dough

Michael - Early reader books
Lucas - Calvin and Hobbes, Beast Quest (he has the first one), Asterix (in English or in French he has Asterix the Gaul, in Switzerland, and in Spain)

They are also getting a Wii for Christmas.

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