Saturday, January 14, 2012

Water world

So I am on my very first diet ever. It is the wussiest diet in the world I think. I call it my water diet. My plan is to drink nothing but water. No milk, no coffee, no pop, no beer, no wine. Just water. I increase my healthy H2O hydration, and eliminate those pesky extra calories in my adult beverages and conquer caffeine consumption. Okay, I broke my ground rule within the first few days. I decided that herbal tea is practically water. Then I decided that cutting out caffeine totally might not be good for my (mental) health. My compromise was to drink the occasional black coffee. No milk, no sugar, just coffee. I've never had my coffee black. Somehow I don't think that now that I've tasted black that I would never go back, but I am managing for now. I guess it is obvious that I am not holding hard and fast to any of my rules. I have no problem with the occasional beverage other than water. I had a glass of wine to toast my friends new house. I guess it is more of a guideline to only drink water, not a rule. I'm not sure that I notice any health benefits yet, but it has only been just under two weeks. I'll keep you updated :)


N. said...

Very ambitious! But what's the goal? Will you be drinking only water for the rest of your life? Till the kids turn 40? Till you see a rainbow? Will you start buying carbonated water to mix it up? Because you're going to start noticing the difference between tap and bottled pretty soon.

So many questions that I really don't think I could do this diet. It's like asking my body to breathe in only clean air.

MT said...

Very good point, I should have a goal. That's what all the "experts" say. Hmmm. I guess my goal is to increase my water intake and decrease my diet coke and coffee habits. More of a conscious lifestyle shift, so a rest of my life kind of thing. I should really have come up with some milestones.

Oh, and Brita water all the way. Halifax tap water is gross.